Escort Will Tickle Your Fantasies


While the most common types of fetishes involve feet, there are many fetishes that your erotic fantasies may be based around. A fetish involves the obsession or fascination with a typically non-sexual object in a sexual way. In addition to feet and specific types of shoes or boots, voyeurism, body piercings and tattoos, hair on various areas of the body and cross-dressing are all common fetishes. Some of the more taboo fetishes that are nonetheless popular include dressing up and acting like animals and the famed Golden Shower.

This may be one of the more unique types of sexual fantasies that is still rather taboo. You may understandably be timid about letting your sexual partners in on your secret erotic fetishes because of fear of rejection or shame, or you may not currently have a partner. Even if a partner is open-minded about and accepting of your fetishes, your partner may still not want to actively participate in helping you to live out your fetishes in the bedroom. Life is too short for your sexual fantasies to go unfulfilled, but you must first find a willing and open-minded participant to join you in the bedroom.

While hiring an escort is often viewed as a taboo in itself, escort marketing offers this perfect solution to tickling your fetish fantasies. Some escorts may also have hard lines that they are unwilling to cross in the bedroom, but you may find that most are more open-minded and willing to participate in sexual adventures with you. For example, if your fetish is a sexy woman wearing fishnet pantyhose with stiletto heels, you likely will be able to find more than a few escorts who would love to tease you with this ensemble. Likewise, they may love it if you fulfill your foot fetish by suckling their toes or oogling their body piercings. Each fetish may be slightly unique, but escorts typically are open-minded and non-judgmental when it comes to helping men live out their fetish fantasies.

Because some escorts do have lines that may not be crossed, it is important to be open about your desires when selecting your escort. This will ensure that your experience with an escort lives up to your expectations. Once you find a desirable escort to play out your fetish dreams with, you may want to enjoy new or similar fetish acts with her. Many men enjoy spending time with the same escort for future fetish experiences as well. You can see that hiring an escort to live out your fetish fantasies with is a great way to enjoy the erotic experiences that you have been dreaming about.